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Many of you know or have heard about the importance of buying and supporting businesses and items manufactured in Australia. If you follow our blog, you will have seen that I've written about how important this is before. Not only does it help boost the local economy & help create jobs, but it keeps the money in the community and ensures that business owners can provide you the best quality products. We have all bought cheap items off the internet & then found out a week later it was total trash. That is something we try to avoid here at #hommesuniques. We strive to provide the best quality items for yourself and your loved ones. And one way we do this is by stocking products made locally here in Australia. Here are a few we have in store now you can check out.


1. Tricky Timber Super Spoon

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Save the drips and the mess of regular stirring utensils! Rest the spoon on the side of you pots or pans which will now always be in reach. Use the hook at the base of the spoon to pull trays out of the oven. Or to hang it up for easy, convienet storage.

We trust you'll enjoy using this Australian made item, hand crafted using durable yet beautiful Jarrah unique to Western Australia. 

2. Hand Crafted Carburetor Lamp 

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This lamp hand crafted right here in Australia by one of our local artists and stands out with it's rustic and unique design. You wont find anything else quite the same out there. 

3. Alchemy Produx Australia Candle

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Hand made in Australia, nothing screams STRAYA more than having your house smelling like Australia. What does it Australia smell like? Grab one of these candles yourself to find out. 


4. FireandEarth Adventure Roll Top Tote Bag

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When you are traversing the Outback or even the urban Aussie Jungle, you want a bag that will not only stand up to the weather conditions that living in Australia throws at you, but you want something tough. This bag will do both and doesn't compromise on style while doing so. 


5. Hand Crafted Pewter Chess Pieces

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These beautiful chess pieces are hand crafted by local South Australian Artist B. Reynolds. Each piece is lovingly hand crafted & painted to have it's own personality. The set comes in a hand craft wooden box/chest to store safely. 


Bonus: Dressed for Sunday's Bow-Ties

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We all know Aussie men, are true Blokey Blokes. (if you don't know what that means try urban dictionary, they might be able decipher Aussie slang for you). But that doesn't mean that when the occasion arises that we don't want to look our Sunday best. So here have some locally made Bow Ties by Dressed for Sunday. (previous pun intended, thank you I'm here all week). 

Do your best to help buy local. Be it from us or elsewhere, try to make sure what you get is Aussie made. You help the community and keep Jobs in Australia. And as an added bonus here are some strayan sayings that will help you with the locals. 





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