We are partnered with Chesterfield Whisky Firm

Are you looking to bring your next function or event to the next level? Then you should really consider contacting Chesterfield Whisky Firm to organize your event with the finest small batch Whisky Cocktails and chocolates to delicious desserts. Not only can you get Chesterfield to cater your event, but you can also get any of the products anytime, anywhere. Check out their website and purchase the fantastic products here

Some of the Clients of Chesterfield Whisky Firm include the Adelaide Crows, Free Range Design, Women in Innovation, JP Media and William & Taylor Artisan Hampers. 

You can also find Chesterfield at the many markets around Adelaide and also the Royal Adelaide Show.

Not only that you can also arrange events or pick up your items right from our store here in Hommes Uniques. 

To book your event here are some contacts you can use to reach the friendly Chesterfield Crew: 

Call 0472 543 354

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