About us

"I don’t know what to buy for my husband!’ (or boyfriend, brother, father ETC)"

This is what I heard from almost every second woman whilst working in men’s wear for four and a half years. It was this statement that inspired me to start the journey of Hommes Uniques and also a bit of inspiration behind the name. Striving to provide unique gifts for gentleman from 0 to 100 is my new passion in life, so why not convey that with a French name?

At Hommes Uniques we are constantly searching for new and unique gifts for the special men in your life. We take pride in bringing you the best gifts crafted in Australia and around the world.

We have a range of labels from Australia and overseas to cover all your grooming needs. For those growing out their facial hair we have beard oils to help nourish your epic beards, from brands such as Milkman and Handsome Devils Co. And for the gentlemen who prefer the clean shaven look we have old school shaving and badger brush sets from Truefit and Hill. We also have shaving soaps/oils, body
washes, lotions and cleansers from many other brands.

Our chilli products range from mild to the worlds’ hottest. We have an extensive range of sauces, dressings, oils, chutneys, olives and other delicious goodies for you to try. Most are Australian made and we are proud to supply some South Australian produce in our store as well. For the outdoor loving guy we have a selection of Leatherman knives. These multi tools are world renowned and make for very practical gifts.

Let’s not forget about the little ones. For baby boys there’s things from gorgeous swaddles to balms and lotions. And for those who are a little more independent there’s the construction eating sets. They prove that you really can play with your food!