The Importance of Leather Care

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There is a noticeable trend of late, a trend of investing in good quality, well made products and accessories. People are realising the importance of the 'buy once, buy well' ethos and its relativity to a healthy environment. Embracing this in favour of the 'throw away society' that we have become accustomed to not only benefits our environment, but also the small business owners and craftspeople of the world, directly affecting the way they live, their communities and families..

With the resurgence of 'dapper' fashion, barber shops and personal grooming, is it any wonder that stylish, well made accessories are more in demand? And with a larger monetary investment in these items it makes good sense to spend some time looking after them too. Investing time and effort cleaning and conditioning a beautiful pair of leather shoes, a leather satchel that's used everyday, a man bag or even a beloved wallet will extend its life and add character. It'll help to repel dust and dirt and keep it looking great as it ages and softens.

A quick look around on the internet and you're sure to find some decent leather care and shoe care products, because where there's leather, there's leather care! One brand we're loving right now is La Cordonnerie Anglaise of Paris who specialise in leather shoe care kits which are a work of art in themselves! Created from beautiful hardwoods and gorgeously grained leathers, shoe care tools and accessories from La Cordonnerie Anglaise are reputed by experts to be among the finest handcrafted shoe shine kits and instruments in the world since its founding in 1885. We have a selection of these fine kits in store right now to peruse at your leisure!

So how often should a bag or pair of shoes be cleaned and conditioned? If you're using your bag daily, then once every three months is a good idea and if you only use the bag occasionally, store in a dark cool place in a cotton sleeve. For leather shoes worn daily, then every two to four weeks. Using excellent products is a must as some products actually strip the natural protective oils from the leather, in a similar way that cheap shampoo will strip oils from hair. Horse hair brushes are preferable for gently cleaning and polishing without scratching the leather. The horse hairs provide enough friction to create a shine without removing polish which will sometimes happen with boar hair or synthetic brushes which are more coarse.

So when purchasing that special new piece for yourself or a loved one, be it a satchel, cross-body bag, wallet or a pair of boots for winter, consider investing in a leather care kit at the same time, you'll add to the longevity and character of your pieces by taking time to care for them too!


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