Cardistry-Con 2017

On July 7th over 300 Cardists from around the world gathered in Downtown Los Angeles for Cardistry-Con 2017. Relive the experience with the Official Video highlighting some of our favorite moments.

This year Art of Play took over an entire warehouse and packed it with twenty of the best Cardists alive in addition to several heavyweights from the skill-based arts Kendama, Hand Tutting and Card Throwing.

Daily events included inspirational talks, performances, hands-on workshops, contests and video screenings. Activities included a live card-building demonstration with professional card stacker Scott Dyer, the return of the Cardestroy Graveyard, and an attempt to break a new Guinness World Record for Card Throwing with Rick Smith Jr.

Whether you attended this years conference or not Art of Play invite you to relive the experience with the Official Cardistry-Con 2017 Video. Turn up the volume and enjoy!


Art of Play also has brain teasers every Wednesday. Here is this weeks one. 

What number should the ? be: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?



The correct answer is 3. Count the number of "one-way" pips on all the cards in each hand. In the first hand: the center pip on the five of hearts, the three pips in the middle of the seven of clubs and none on any other cards. The total for that card is 4. And so on for all the other hands...

In the last hand, there are 3 "one-way" pips: the center pip on the seven of diamonds and the two middle pips on the six of hearts. That's why the correct answer is 3.

Check out their blog site to get more here 

Also be sure to drop by in store or online to check out our range of Art of Play playing cards and accessories. 









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