Crafted in Australia Part 2

Last time we showed off some of the Items that we have in store that are crafted in Australia. So I figured it would be great to show off a few more things that are either made in Australia or designed by local studios and made with the finest materials. So without further ado here are some more items that not only look great and are functional but also will help the local economy when you buy them. So check out the Crafted in Aus section on our website to find even more awesome products. 

1. Fire'n'Earth 'The Humbert' Field Knife

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Each knife comes with a hand sewn leather sheath to protect the blade and yourself.

The perfect companion to any camping trip or adventure.

No two knives or sheaths are the same as each one takes on it's own life from scratch.


2. Hand Crafted Saw

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Want a great talking point for your house? Why not get this beautifully hand crafted saw. A replica of what was used way back when, this will stand out in any home and will provide your home with a piece of history. 


3. L'ascari Solid Cologne 

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So you're a bloke. You want to smell nice, but you don't want to get one of those "lady spray bottles". So what do you do? Well we got something that will help. Solid Cologne for men made from natural beeswax, jojoba oil, organic Shea Butter and fragrance. You can still smell great, but you won't have any of those "lady spray bottles" in your bathroom. 


Handmade in Melbourne Australia. 


4. Nero Wood and Marble Watches 

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Nero have a new FIRST worldwide for watches These watches have a expanse of pure streaked marble magnificently accentuated by a stainless-steel case and a fine polished wood bezel. Designed in studios in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, these bespoke watches reflect the natural colors & textures of the traditional Australian Ethos.

Natural and soft texture Italian artisan leather strap adds just the right amount of texture and warmth to compliment the natural marble and wood elements of this watch.

5. Rewined Candles

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These candles not only smell amazing, but have a great aesthetic that goes well with any decor that you may have. Smelling of the flavor they are labeled with, they will not only make your house smell amazing but also look really good in the process. 

Bonus for the Kids:

Tinta Crayons 

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Tinta Crayons was created by a Melbourne mum who wanted to produce a safe, natural crayon, without using palm, soy or paraffin (a by-product of petroleum) waxes.

Lots of research and testing has gone into creating the perfect mix of natural waxes to produce natural, sustainable crayons in fun shapes that withstand hot little hands and impart beautiful colour.

Do your best to help buy local. Be it from us or elsewhere, try to make sure what you get is Aussie made. You help the community and keep Jobs in Australia. And like last time we here is a bonus chart of common Aussie slang phrases to help you converse with the locals. 

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