Summer Fun & Games

Summer will be here sooner rather than later. This means outdoor fun & usually cracking open a few cold ones. We got some ideas for you to get you started on your Summer fun times.

1. Finska Premio 

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Get your outdoor fun started with this popular outdoor game Finska. Involving strategy & skill, make or break friendships (hopefully not permanently) with strategy & skill in this great outdoor game. 



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Keeping the theme of outdoor games, why not try out a classic game of Skittles after a hard fought battle of Finska. Set them up & knock them down and have a whole lot of fun in the process. 


3. Frescobol

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Again keeping with the outdoor games, when you get to the beach or any other sandy area (or any open space let's be honest here), why not give a game of Frescobol a go. Made popular on the beaches of Brazil you can choose to play the game with our without a net. (net not provided with the link above). See which of your friends can do the longest rally and have bragging rights till next summer, or the next game. 


4. Brewsmith Beer Kits

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After your sessions of gaming in the sun it's time to sit back and enjoy a brew. Why not make your own with these Brewsmith Beer Kits. They come in many different flavors and also refill kits. Get these made up before hand and reap the rewards after a hard afternoon of outdoor games. 


5.Leonardo Beer Glasses

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Enjoy your freshly brewed brews with these classy beer glasses by Leonardo. Made in a Pilsner style, these glasses will make you knock back your drinks in style. 


Bonus: Clinks Functional Beer Bottle Openers

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After a hard day at the office, there is nothing I look forward to more than an icy cold beer. These cufflinks bring that a step closer - They are a fully functional bottle opener, on the end of your sleeve. 


These are just some ideas @Hommesuniques can help get your summer off to a screaming start. Come in store or check out the online store (Just click the shop tab. Go on, you know you want too.) 

Just remember to play safe, drink sensibly & have fun during our Aussie summer months. 

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