We now Stock Gluten Free & Dairy Free Pizza bases & Desserts

At Hommes Uniques we are known for our great men's gifts, quirky products and funky presentation. However, we are now also branching out in conjunction with Buono Gluten Free, to stock very tasty gluten free & dairy free pizza bases & desserts. 

A little background on Buono Gluten Free:

"The company was founded in 2015, thanks to a perfect collaboration between Fabio Rosa and Deanna Tilker, which, after they met in Sydney at the beginning of that year, they quickly realized each other potentiality.

The original product, where it was born on our brand is Gluten Free Pizza.

Obvious you can find dozen of gluten-free pizza on the market, but at least we did not found any that looks like, even in consistency and in the flavor, to an authentic pizza.

To reach the pizza, that we had in  mind, we made a long searching and testing of all gluten-free Italian flours and after finding the best we indulged with new mixtures and processing methods until obtain our perfect creations."



The team here at Hommes Uniques are very happy to work in collaboration with Buon Gluten Free to bring their beautiful and tasty food products to the shop and bring some needed diversity for those that require gluten & dairy free foods. Here are some pics of what will be on offer:



So come in store of give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any inquires that you may have. 

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