Top Grooming products for Men - Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of Top grooming products for Men. Last time we went through a few products for both beginners and experts to help them on the road to keeping and maintaining a great beard.  Today we will go through a few more products to help you on your way to make the best choices for your face and beard.


Okay lets get started again on a couple of Shavettes and Straight razors again. If you are looking for a Shavette but want everything in a easy to use kit to be able to travel with you can't go past this:


This travel set includes a shavette with two packs of ten razors all in a convenient case.
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Now we have a quality Straight Razor kit that is all in one. It comes in a case and covers all the products you need to keep you going on the road:


This is set is perfect for the gentleman starting out with cutthroat razors. It has everything you need to start your collection. Includes Shaving Brush, Razor Strop, Strop Paste, Alum Block and 2 Cutthroat Razors.
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What about those gentlemen that have moustaches? Well we have you covered as well. This will keep your moustache and beard well nourished and hydrated, keeping everything soft and fresh. 


Made with organic ingredients and essential oils. Helps to nourish, enrich and moisturise skin and beard. Handmade in Australia.
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Looking after your beard and moustache aren't the only important things to keeping your whole face fresh and clean looking. We will now showcase a couple of products to use after shaving to keep your face and skin fresh. 


Enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, Trinity Balm soothes, nourishes and hydrates face and body.

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And last but not least for today, every man can always use a trusty and reliable aftershave. 



  • Tones, Calms, and Revitalises
  • All Natural
  • Proraso Tradition

  • Tone and revitalise skin with Proraso's Aftershave Lotion. Made in Italy, it features Proraso's most famous scent with Eucalyptus and Menthol. It leaves a cool, refreshing feeling after a close shave, and is a great addition to any shaving regime.

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    We hope you enjoyed this small list of things that should make your beard journey a bit easier to manage. We will have more parts coming along as time goes along to help showcase the latest and best products to help look after your beard, moustache and face. 


    Remember your face is what people notice first.  Make sure you use products that are going to work for you!


    Until next time, stay classy you handsome devils!

    The team at Hommes. :D 

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