Triffid Tonic Syrup Sample Pack

The Triffid Tonic Company creates delicious tonic syrups from all natural and botanical ingredients. They are the perfect addition to gin, vodka and cocktails but also great for mocktails too!

Flavours in this pack of four 200ml bottles include:

Bitter Orange, Tasmanian Pepperberry and Lemon Myrtle, Chamomile and Earl Grey, Hibiscus and Fresh Ginger.

These are concentrated syrups, Please see suggestions below:


  • Standard serving size is 25ml, diluted with soda water to taste. 8 Standard serves per Sample 200ml bottle.

    To make tonic water: add one part tonic syrup to 5-6 parts soda water (or to taste).

     To make a classic gin + tonic: combine one part tonic syrup, one part gin or vodka, with 4-5 parts soda water (or to taste). 


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