Royal Selangor Speeder Bike Chase Figurines

A limited edition of 1,000 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

This set of figurines are number 37 out of the 1000 made!
On Endor to destroy the Death Star, Rebels pursue Galactic Empire Scout Troopers in a speeder bike chase. Weaving through the forest at breakneck speed, detailed pewter sculptures of Luke Skywalker and the fleeing scout lean hard into every bank and swerve, barely missing composite resin replicas of Endor’s trees. The unique two-part diorama allows playing out various scenarios.

About the collection
Royal Selangor’s affectionate homage to Star Wars is a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia. This item comes in Star Wars Official Licensee packaging.

Size: Luke H14.5cm including base x 24.5cm x 13.5cm, scout trooper H12cm including base x 26.5cm x 15cm

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