Pocket Watch Peter Brock

Pocket Watch Peter Brock

Product Name: Pocket Watch – Peter Brock

Peter Geoffrey Brock


(Holden-King of Mountain)

Model #: PW 107

Pack Contents: Pocket watch, chain & wooden box

Colour: Antique brass, mid-toned wood

Materials: Brass & other metals, glass, felt, recycled and treated mango wood.

Key Attributes: Hand Crafted, Battery operated, Decorative, Antique Finish

Uses: Home Decor, Gift, Souvenir, Collectable, History, Art and Craft

Pocket Watch Diameter: 50 mm (Approx)

Case Dimensions: 85 (L)* 80 (W)* 50 (H) mm (Approx)

Product weight with Case: 220gm (Approx)

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