Harrisson Leather Card Sleeve - Brown

Harrisson Australia has crafted the very popular card sleeve in brown, with the luxurious colour being a fast favourite in a market dominated by black wallets. Made from durable Kangaroo leather that is tough as nails but as soft as velvet, there is no better option to upgrade to.

Not sure this is the right wallet for you? The leather card sleeve wallet was chosen as one of the “The Best Wallets For Men 2022”, recommended for its lightweight, timeless style and quality craftsmanship.

Choose a uniquely slimline option for your cards, and enjoy the comfort of not having to remove your wallet from the back pocket when you sit or drive, with the size and width of this card holder wallet being almost invisible in its impact. These card sleeves make fantastic gifts for someone special and also comes with a very generous warranty.

Dimensions 100mm wide x 74mm high x 3mm thick.

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