Harrisson Australia Leather Card Sleeve - Black

Timeless in style, the black 3 pocket card sleeve is the ideal option for style-seekers looking to safely contain their wealth without sacrificing functionality and design. As we move forward into a cashless society, there is no need for anything larger than this pocket-size card sleeve.

These card sleeves have been hand-crafted with vegetable-tanned premium Kangaroo leather, revered as one of the hardiest, yet softest, leathers. Interestingly, these popular leather card sleeve wallets were named as one of the “The Best Wallets For Men 2022”, due to their smart design and timeless look.

At Harrisson Australia, every stage of production is delivered with care, from intricate stitching to unique embossing. All products undergo quality assurance so that your card sleeves will last decades. Each card sleeve is wrapped in white cotton and encased in a high-quality textured paper envelope. The card wallet by Harrisson Australia certainly makes a fine gift.

Dimensions 100mm wide x 74mm high x 2mm thick.

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