Isle of Lewis Chess Set with 20" Board

The Dal Rossi Isle of Lewis Chess Set pieces are heavy, solid and weighty, you will feel like a chess master as you plan out your opponents demise.

The Dal Rossi Isle of Lewis Chess Set pieces  You can see, smell and feel the quality of these wonderful Dal Rossi chess pieces.

All the chess pieces are double weighted giving them a professional feel.

Dal Rossi have been crafting these boards for many years, this Dal Rossi Isle of Lewis Cess Pieces are of such a high quality that you will have this chess set for your entire life and pass it on to your children.

It features the high quality workmanship you have come to enjoy in a luxurious game collection.

These Dal Rossi Isle of Lewis Chess Set Pieces are perfect for the beginner or experienced player.

Dal Rossi chess board with two draws 20" Walnut finish

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