Akinod Reusable Multifunctional Cutlery Set - Jungle

It is in the jungle that your multifunction cutlery will be most useful. Without getting lost, enjoy the colourful foliage of your Akinod with its comfort and performance.

With its delectably retro look, your multifunction cutlery folds and unfolds as desired while keeping its style intact. Perfect for a lunch in the countryside or at the office.

Multifunction cutlery in martensitic stainless steel 2CR14, polished mirror finish. Comprises a large spoon, a 5-pronged fork, a knife with a micro-serrated blade, a 4-spiral corkscrew, a can-opener and a bottle opener. Decorated transparent polymer handle. Magnetic assembly.

10cm Closed, 3.5cm Width, 4cm Thickness, 147g

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