VitaMan Paw Paw Skin Repair Cream

VitaMan Paw Paw Skin Repair Cream

A naturally antiseptic, and rich moisturising cream to help heal small cuts and grazes from sports activities or working outdoors and for treating severely  dry damaged skin.

Natural Aroma – Light, natural papaya.

Grass Lily Extract Promotes rapid healing of the skin. Hydrates, moisturises and heals skin irritations. Used to heal burns, cuts & abrasions.
Tea Tree Oil Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial - This essential oil has excellent healing properties & reduces inflammation.
Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Babadensis’s nourishing properties promote minor wound, burn and rash healing & is an excellent moisturiser & emollient.
Paw Paw Strong antiseptic properties along with proven skin-healing abilities - highly soothing and an anti-irritant.
Vitamin E  An anti-oxidant superhero. Protects skin cells from environmental damage.  
Glycerine Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin.
Allantoin Anti-inflammatory, healing, calming & nourishing properties help stimulate growth of healthy skin cells.

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