VitaMan Exfoliating Soap

VitaMan Exfoliating Soap

This huge 200g Exfoliating Soap with massage bumps will scrub away daily dirt and grime, leaving skin cleaner, smoother, more healthy-looking skin.

Natural Aroma – Light, spicy & woodsy.

Patchouli Oil Tones, tightens and smoothes rough, dry & cracked skin – masculine aroma.
Cinnamon Extract Used to treat skin infection whilst imparting a warm, spicy aroma.
Sandalwood Used to treat infections and reduces puffiness. Soothing and calming.
Barley Bran Natural & gentle exfoliation through particles of barley bran.
Exfoliating particles of Barley Bran and Ground Cinnamon Essential ingredients that act as anti-inflammatories.

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