Small Hip Pack in Black

A small hip pack to protect your valuable travel essentials – concealed easily against the skin.

Whether worn under or over your clothes, our Hip Pack is built tough for travel, work or leisure.

It’s compact size carries all your essentials – passport, Smartphone, small camera, wallet and keys.

Lined with water resistant material and cotton canvas the Nomad Essentials™ Belt Bag provides continual comfort- even after days of trekking up the mountains of Machu Picchu or after sweating it out at crowded markets in S.E Asia.

It gives you the peace of mind that your valuables are safe and sound from weather, pickpockets and from getting lost in the bottom of your carry bag.

And at the end of the day you can give it a quick handwash and be ready to go again…

Once your bag is on and your gear is packed enjoy the weightlessness of hardly carrying anything at all – no more babysitting your shoulder bag or being weighed down by every pocket of your jeans filled with gear.

Feel the freedom and convenience of travelling light and being hands free.

Whether used for work or play the Nomad Essentials™ Hip Pack is the perfect companion for travellers, festival goers, dog walkers, nurses, pizza delivery drivers,  shopfitters, stall holders and more…

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