Short Walk Khaki Green

The Short Walk was worked hard on to make it exactly the right size to replace all your pockets!

If you have an iPad Mini and want to carry it with your keys, wallet & Phone then this little fella will be perfect.

Nomad added a clip for usb thingies and used the best zips in the world to keep everything else secured nicely.

The outer canvas is a densified 12 ounce for super strength and reliability while the inner HiViz orange lining is a water resistant cordura to keep your gear safe from the elements.

Each of the top two pockets use dual zip heads for ease of access and the pockets stagger down the sculptured front to keep the bag sitting flatter against your body.

The strap is 4 layers of the same canvas and extends to 1.5 metres so you can wear it low or high on your body.

This is one of our favourite essentials bags and we hope you love it too.

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