Lapod Lap Desk

LAPOD lap desk holds all your laptop accessories and peripherals in its cushioned storage pod: chargers, cables, mouse, portable drives, USBs, webcam, tablet, stylus... or simply a pen, pad and your sunglasses because you’ve decided to work out in the park in the sunshine.
Whether you're a digital nomad or work from home, work professionally anywhere in comfort with all you need right at your fingertips. Being this organised never looked so good! 
Made with 2 materials in 2 parts: 
  • storage pod moulded from rigid nonwoven P.E.T. felt 
  • work surface made from smooth, laminated bamboo 

    Both materials are resilient and have highly sustainable properties (recyclable and biodegradable, respectively, at end-of-useful-life). 


    LENGTH ~ 48 cm / 18.86” 
    WIDTH ~ 32 cm / 12.72” 
    HEIGHT ~ 6.5 cm / 2.56” 

    STORAGE DEPTH ~ 5 cm / 1.97” 
    STORAGE VOLUME ~ 4.5L / 274.6 cu in 

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