Kanetsune ASOBI Knife

Kanetsune ASOBI Knife

ASOBI (Game)

Length - 150mm (280mm overall).

Blade - 3.5mm thick Blue Steel Damascus 15 layers.

Weight - 180g.

HRC - 61-62.

Handle - Paracode Wrapped Olive Green

Sheath - Magnolia

Kanetsune was a famous Japanese swordsmith and it is said the first Kanetsune knife dates back to 1395. However, the Kanetsune factory was established in 1948 in Seki City, the City of Blades.

These are amazing knives forged throughout a history of 800 years, which are strong, beautiful, and exceedingly sharp. Kanetsune pursues the customers’ needs for quality products, combined with beauty and tradition.

The knives we stock are traditional style knives in timber (magnolia and cherry) or leather sheaths. The blades are Blue steel Damascus 15 layers, with some exceptions in white steel, and high carbon steel. 

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