George Electronic Room Fragrance Diffuser Mr & Mrs Fragrance Soft Touch

Mr and Mrs was created by two travellers with a passion for bringing the smells of the world straight to your home. Designed by the prominent Italian designer Lucca Trazzi, George is an innovative design, with striking colours with a warm welcoming shape. With open arms that will release a world of fragrances that will captivate you as soon as you walk into your room. George has two fragrance settings with an ON/OFF button as well as a function button. When the electronic diffuser is on and the function button is pressed once a blue light will appear and the diffuser will start a 10 minute on, 10 minute off programme that will continue for 6 hours. Touching the function button again will cause an orange light to appear and the diffuser will release fragrance for one hour. The Mr and Mrs fragrances have been proven to last twice as long as a Yankee Candle. Get your George now and discover a world of aromas in the comfort of your own home.
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