Firenearth 'The Humbert' Field Knife

Firenearth 'The Humbert' Field Knife

Compact and easy to access. This is the perfect little companion.

At 15.5cm in length with a 7cm blade, you won't find a more practical knife for your everyday needs. Comes shaving sharp with a hand sewn leather belt sheath.

This model is made from 440C tooling steel and is hardened and tempered in the workshop to ensure a tough/lasting cutting edge.
The blade has a mirror finish with the outer rims having a matt finish for contrast.

Comes standard with a Fig Gidgee handle and fixed with 100% copper pins to compliment the wood texture.

Each knife comes with a hand sewn leather sheath to protect the blade and yourself.

The perfect companion to any camping trip or adventure.

No two knives or sheaths are the same as each one takes on it's own life from scratch.

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