Farrah Leather Cufflinks

Farrah Leather Cufflinks

A wrap around style cufflink made using a custom designed stud, turned from solid brass and plated in rhodium. Bold and stylish, these cufflinks are made from the finest quality vegetable tanned leather. Every cufflink has the stud hand set and is individually hand finished.

Natural dyes:
Farrah design uses the finest vegetable tanned leathers, these leathers will absorb oils from day to day handling and will deepen in colour and develop a patina over time. Due to the veg tanning process these dyes may transfer colour if your Farrah product becomes exceedingly wet.

If your Farrah product does become totally wet, leave to dry on a window sill or area with a steady warm temperature. Do not force dry by hairdryer or in front of a heater. When completely dry (may take a day or two) apply a natural leather conditioner such as Sno-seal.


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