Art of Play Peak Playing Cards

Playing Cards inspired by Colorado's tallest mountains.

Peak Playing Cards beautifully illustrates each of Colorado's fifty-three 14ers, which are mountains rising at least 14,000 feet above sea level.

There are two decks of cards, the Day Deck and Night Deck. Each back features the summit of a mountain peeking through the clouds, surrounded by rays of sun or shining stars. Each includes all fifty-three custom designed fronts that feature Colorado's 14ers. Don't worry though, with symmetrical backs, nobody will know how you hold the cards in your hand.

All fifty-two playing cards and one Joker have a custom illustration of the peak of the 14er, as well as its name and elevation. The cards are ordered according to elevation; the highest peaks are aces and the lowest twos and a joker. Each card uses clean lines and lots of white space to showcase the modern design of the peak. The suits are also custom designed for a modern clean look. The direction of the lines for the hearts/diamonds and clubs/spades lean opposite directions, making it easy to quickly distinguish between suits of the same color.

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